Garage Door Opener Apps and Why You Should Install Them

If you have a smart garage door, you can control its operation via your mobile device. Here are the top apps for your smart garage door opener and what you should know about them.

GogoGate Garage Door Opener App

GogoGate app is a garage door opener app compatible with Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Amazon Echo. This app comes with several features to make your life much easier. For a start, the app comes with the capability of integrating a security camera that helps you monitor the activities around the garage. The app can show you the garage door’s status, whether it is open or closed. It also has voice control, which is helpful, especially when driving.

The installation of this app is relatively easy, even though it only works if you have an active Wi-Fi connection. If you have several Fresno garages, the app will effectively help you as it can work with a maximum of three garage doors. The GogoGate is user-friendly and comes with a simple interface and the ability to add several other users who can control the garage door.

• It comes with a voice command
• Can operate up to 3 doors
• You can add several other users

• In case you need voice assistance, you will need IFTTT applets
• The setup process is tedious

MyQ Smartphone App

If you are looking for a garage app that guarantees safety and convenience, MyQ Smartphone App is your app of choice. The app is designed to work with door openers that are Wi-Fi enabled and use SmartThings, Nest, and Xfinity systems for smart homes. If you are using an Apple HomeKit, you will need to purchase an adapter to ensure compatibility. Some of the features that make this one of the best apps for your garage door is the fact that you can get notifications and create preset schedules, invite and set up guests and get notifications.

The app also allows you to get live feeds through video streaming on your phone to monitor any activities around the garage. If you need to store any information, the app has cloud-based storage that is optional if the need arises.

• It allows for live video streaming
• It is safe and secure
• The installation and setup processes are easy
• It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices
• It is affordable

• It does not come with Alexa support
• It has compatibility issues with other door openers


Garadget is a garage door app that requires a connection to Wi-Fi to remotely control the doors and monitor the area around the garage. It requires a connection to a Garadget device which takes between 15 to 25 minutes to set up. The app allows you to manage it through voice command, granting convenience during use. In case the garage door has been left open for a given duration of time, you can set the app to send you alerts. It also allows you to view the history and status of the garage door. If you want to connect Garadget to Google Assistant, you can use the IFTTT service to access that functionality.

• Integrated voice command
• It allows for remote access and control of the garage door
• It sends garage door status alerts

• It is at times difficult to initiate Alexa through the app
• It does not come with scheduling capabilities

Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener App

Craftsman Smart Garage Door App is available for Google Android and iPhone devices. The garage door app can only work with garage door openers compatible with Craftsman apps. The app is available at no cost and works together with the connectivity solutions provided by Craftsman AssureLink.

This Smart Garage Door Opener App uses Wi-Fi on the Craftsman AssureLink platform to provide internet access. Since it has no reliance on Bluetooth technology, the app allows you to check the garage door’s status, whether open or closed, regardless of your location, allowing you to either open or close it. An additional functionality that you can also get with this app is the ability to turn lights on and off from remote locations. However, you will need to have a Craftsman AssureLink Plug-in-Light Control that is separate to achieve this.

• It has compatibility across several mobile platforms
• Has remote ability to check garage door status and control lights
• It allows you to create an opening and closing schedule for the door

• The app will only work with openers compatible with Craftsman garage door openers

Sesame Garage Door Remote Opener App

Sesame Garage Door Remote Opener App utilizes the H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth device to execute its functionality. One of the key benefits of this app is that it is not dependent on the internet to function since it uses Bluetooth tec