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Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection

Garage Door Maintenance 

At Precision Door Service, our technicians are certified and extensively trained in all types of garage door maintenance. Customers depend on our 24/7 emergency and same-day garage door repair services. They also benefit from our 25-point safety inspection to ensure their garage doors operate safely and efficiently for many years.

A 5-Star Maintenance Program

Our annual garage door maintenance program helps ensure every part of your system is at peak performance. Regular service is important since components such as torsion springs, tracks, hinges, garage door openers, and even the door panel itself are prone to wear over time. Ignoring maintenance can lead to serious problems.

During a maintenance visit, our technicians take the following steps:

Visual Inspection: A look at springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys to determine if they’re working correctly or need repair or replacement.

Lubrication: Our technicians use a silicone-based spray that minimizes the wear on parts every time the door operates.

Door Balance: Tests whether the door lifts without much effort or resistance. If there is, adjustments or repairs to various parts may be required.

There are many problems you can spot yourself. Frayed cables, damaged pulleys, and worn weather seals can be identified through a quick visual inspection. Also listen to the door as it is lifted or lowered. If it doesn’t sound normal, then you may need repairs, even if only a little lubrication is needed.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can perform a balance test on your own. Here’s how:

  • Make sure the garage door is closed
  • Pull the red emergency cord
  • Lift the door halfway open and release

Once the door is in position, it shouldn’t fall back down or move up. This means it is balanced. If there seems to be anything unusual, such as abnormal movements or noises, contact a garage door repair professional right away.

Why Maintenance Is So Important

Tens of thousands of people are injured by garage doors every year. Safety is therefore the number one concern with sticking to a maintenance plan. A garage door consists of many heavy components, and those under high tension. If a cable snaps or a spring breaks apart, it can become a dangerous, and potentially deadly, projectile. An inspection can spot trouble beforehand and a technician can fix or replace a part before it fails.

Other considerations include:

Savings: Waiting too long to address a problem can lead to trouble and significantly higher repair costs. Most common garage door problems can be fixed inexpensively and quickly.

Aesthetics: You may not notice wear and tear at first. Over time, it can affect the aesthetic value of not just your garage door, but your home overall, in turn affecting property value.

Security: If your garage door breaks or its security system fails, potential intruders have an easy way in. The garage is a favored place for criminals looking for expensive cars, bicycles, and other equipment.

When an experienced professional inspects your garage door, they will perform a number of tasks. These include:

  • Tightening chains, belts, nuts, and bolts
  • Lubricating rollers, cables, and pulleys
  • Inspecting/lubricating the drive mechanism
  • Adjusting springs and the garage door opener
  • Checking and setting limit switches
  • Examining/repairing/replacing the weather seal
  • Performing a balance test
  • Testing the infrared system

Maintenance/Garage Door Services

Precision Door Service specializes in many different areas, including:

Garage Door Repair: Our technicians fix any part or accessory that stops working or shows signs of wear or failure.

Garage Door Springs: Heavy-duty torsion and extension springs can be replaced quickly to restore function and safety.

Garage Door Openers: We repair and replace chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive, and jack shaft openers.

Garage Door Panels: Our technicians install and service steel, carriage style, carriage with Therma tech, and wood garage doors.

Garage Door Cables & Rollers: Cables naturally wear out over time, so eventually need replacement, and rollers need periodic lubrication and adjustments.

Garage Door Tracks: Bent or misaligned tracks, and buckled brackets, can be problematic. We fix standard lift, vertical lift, and high lift tracks to ensure the system works correctly.

Garage Door Repair Service | Precision Garage Door of Fresno



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Garage Door Repair Service | Precision Garage Door of Fresno

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Garage Door Repair Service

A broken garage door can quickly become a source of frustration instead of a convenience. At Precision Garage Door of Fresno, we offer fast and reliable garage door repair services 24/7. Our trained technicians provide a range of services to evaluate and fix your broken garage door or garage door opener quickly and affordably.

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