Garage Door Opener: How to Prevent It From Being Hacked

Tips for Making Sure Your Garage Door Opener Isn't Susceptible to Hacking This may sound odd to some homeowners, but someone breaking into your home's garage door opener without being near it and without damaging property is very much possible. This is because of the new technology used in many of the garage door openers on the market today. In [...]

Garage Door Opener Features

5 Things a New Garage Door Opener Can Do (Besides Open Your Door) One of the most important responsibilities of being a homeowner is understanding as much about your home as possible. A great area to start at is the garage area, particularly your garage door opener. This is because it is not often that homeowners get to use these [...]

How Garage Door Repairs Save You Money

How You Can Save Money in Fresno, CA, With Garage Door Repairs On average, garage doors typically last anywhere from 15 to 30 years; however, the lifespan of the door on your garage can be affected by many different factors, including how diligent you are with maintenance and repair needs. Garage door repairs, in particular, can contribute to significant savings [...]

Top Common Garage Door Repairs and How You Can Troubleshoot Them

Troubleshooting Top Garage Door Repair Issues in Various Garage Door Parts Various issues can affect your garage door and prevent it from working efficiently. When your garage door is not working correctly, it can cause major inconveniences and security threats. Most people are unaware of how their garage works and the terminologies used. When you suspect that you need garage [...]

Garage Door Repair in Fresno: Addressing Issues That May Go Together

Issues That Go Together for Garage Door Repair in Fresno Garage doors are a great way to add curb appeal to your home for little cost. However, over time, you will find that your beautiful garage door is starting to have issues. Sometimes, it is one issue. Many times, however, you will find that the issue is just one of [...]

Types of Technological Innovations to Add to Fresno Garages

Not Your Parents' Garage: Innovation in Fresno Garage Technology Although the home garage has been a part of many people's homes for decades, it's usually remained the same in terms of design and function. In fact, the biggest jump in technological innovation only occurred when motorized openers were introduced into the market in 1926 and only widely accepted around the [...]