Aluminum Capping: The Benefits of This Garage Improvement

Aluminum Capping for Your Garage Door Unfortunately, when talking about a home's garage door, it is the wooden frame around the door itself that is often neglected. However, the door frame is usually the first thing to show its wear and tear. This leads to a less than stellar appearance that can really damage your home's curb appeal. One of [...]

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Garage Door Tune-Up: Why It Is Necessary for a Functional Garage Door

5 Advantages of a Garage Door Tune-Up One of the major responsibilities of being a homeowner is ensuring that everything is running properly. However, homeowners tend to neglect one specific area that is actually used quite often. The home garage door is an essential piece of your life and one that needs to be checked every few months. Read on [...]

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Torsion Spring: Learn Exactly How They Work in Your Garage

Understanding How a Garage Door Torsion Spring Works Contrary to popular belief, the garage door opener isn't the only mechanism that helps to pull up or down the garage door. The opener simply does not have enough power to lift such a heavy object, but the torsion spring does. So, what exactly is a torsion spring? It is that long [...]

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What to Keep in Mind Before a Garage Door Installation

3 Things to Consider Prior to Garage Door Installation If you're looking to install a new door onto your home's garage, then it is imperative that you understand what you should be looking for throughout the process. Neglecting or simply not understanding certain parts of the installation process can be detrimental to achieving a positive end result. The following includes [...]

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Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing a Garage Door

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Garage Door Installation When you have a new garage door installed, you will want to make sure the job comes out as perfectly as possible. Problems can require garage door repairs Fresno technicians can provide. Certain common mistakes should be avoided for success. Common Mistakes Bring Additional Problems Common mistakes made during the installation of [...]

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Garage Doors: How Home Value Changes Depending on Your Choice

How Your Garage Door Affects Your Home Value Although the garage door is one of the most visible parts of a property, it is often not given the attention it deserves. The fact is that the type of garage door you decide to add can greatly affect your property's overall home value. Aesthetics and Home Value One of the first [...]

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