What Are the Standard Garage Door Sizes You Have to Choose From?

Learn the Standard Garage Door Sizes Whether you are building a new house or simply exploring ways to update the look of your home, you may be in the market for a new garage door. One consideration when shopping for garage doors is what sizes are offered. Read on to learn the various standard garage door sizes that will be [...]

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What to Ask When Receiving a Garage Door Quote from Your Repairman

Three Things to Ask During a Garage Door Quote Not too long ago, the garage door was a simple piece of material that you used to protect your car and the rest of your home. However, over the years, the garage door has been transformed into an area where technology and physical components meet. When obtaining a garage door quote, [...]

Are You Able to Conduct Repairs on Your Cracked Garage Door?

Can a Cracked Garage Door Be Saved? One of the most common accidents that can occur is a bump to the garage door. Even if the impact wasn't that bad, it could still create a noticeable crack on the garage door. Understandably, homeowners may want to fix this eyesore as it can cause issues with the garage door and the [...]

How to Find Out If Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Is Your Garage Door Showing Signs It Needs a Repair? It's no secret; the garage door is one of the most important parts of the home. They protect the family from the elements and the home from would-be-thieves. However, it is also used the most often, and thus it is highly likely that you'll run into some problems with it [...]

Garage Door Retrofits: Learn About the Best Additions to Your Garage

Consider These Retrofits When Repairing Your Old Garage Door One of the most common misconceptions regarding the garage door is that there is simply nothing else you can do to it. It opens and closes, and thus it does its job. Although this may be true, there are many other areas of the garage door that can improve not just [...]

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Door Insulation: 3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Work Begins

3 Considerations When Choosing Garage Door Insulation If you're noticing odd fluctuations in your garage's temperature and an increase in your home's energy bill, you may be losing energy through your garage door. So, what's the best route to take to mediate this issue? Garage door insulation is the best way to keep your garage feeling comfortable and reduce utility [...]

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