When to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs can be extremely dangerous if they fail. Parts of a broken spring can fly off at high speeds, causing property damage and major injuries. People have even been killed by these springs. Since they support the garage door and hold it up against gravity, damaged springs can cause the door to fall, potentially causing injury or [...]

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How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

Safety sensors are designed to prevent accidents caused by automatic garage doors, which have led to serious damage to cars and injuries and deaths to people and animals. They are part of the automatic garage door system. In fact, these safety sensors have been required by law since 1993. The traditional form of sensor is mechanical, in which a [...]

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5 Ways Your Garage Door Can Boost Your Home Value

A home is the largest investment most people will ever make, but once a sale is closed, the work isn’t done. Garage doors can take up as much as 40% of a home’s façade. Investing in quality products and maintenance is important, and the following factors should answer your question: “Does a new garage door increase home value?” Below [...]

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9 Tips for Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is paramount to ensuring your garage door operates as designed. Overlooking it can lead to serious consequences. Seasonal garage door maintenance should be done twice a year; these tips on garage door maintenance can save you $1,000 or more in repairs later. Pay Attention to Your Garage Door If there is noise, listen carefully. Do you hear [...]

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Best Brand of Garage Door Openers

The best garage door opener is one that’s best suited for your garage and home. Factors to consider include the drive system, power, speed, and features such as remote controls, keypads, and lighting. The brand is important as well. Here is a short overview to help you select from the best brands of garage door openers, including the quality [...]

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How Much Does a Garage Door Repair Typically Cost?

All garage doors eventually need repairs. When your garage door acts up, the first thing on your mind is probably how much it’s going to cost to fix. This depends on the extent of the repair, the parts involved, the size and type of your garage door, and how much your garage door company charges for service. Some homeowners [...]

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