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Garage Door Opener Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Incorrect installation of the garage door opener can affect the way the garage door opens and closes. In most cases when the opener fails to open or close, the problem is simple and can find a simple solution. In other cases, the problem stems from the door installation. Here are some of the installation mistakes and their remedy.

Setting the Close Limit Switch Wrong

If the close limit switch is set wrong, the door opens all the way but fails to close all the way. This limit switch instructs the door’s motor where to stop when opening and closing the garage door. A wrong close limit switch setup may cause the door not to close completely. When that happens, the door pulls back on an attempt to close it.

The close limit switch ensures that the garage door does not close on you and hit you. If your limit switch behaves erratically, it will need readjustment. Your Fresno garage door only requires you to adjust a screw feature on its motor. This screw determines how far the garage door goes when closing.

However, the problem might also arise when the safety sensors are not aligned as they should. These sensors are on the door track, and they detect when something is on the way of the door. The garage door will only close if the sightlines between the sensors are clear. Otherwise, the door will reverse.

Incorrect Close Force Setting

The closing force of a garage door determines how well it closes. There is an adjustment screw that allows you to set how the force with which the garage door descends to close before the door motor goes off. If the door pulls back before it reaches the floor, it means that the closing force is not enough and needs re-adjustment.

Usually, the door creates friction between the rollers and the tracks. This friction might make the door sensors register the door as having reached the floor and closed. To correct this problem, you need to adjust the door opener for sensitivity.

However, if you installed the opener a while ago, then the problem may be a result of rusted rollers. The extra friction causes the door opener to stop prematurely. If this is the case, ensure you lubricate the rollers.

Installing a Garage Door Opener Before Garage Door Repair

Before you install a garage door opener, your door needs to be in good shape. Ensure that you lubricate it as necessary, and you can raise it or lower it with your hand. If you struggle to push up or pull down the door, seek garage door repair Fresno. If you install the opener before the repairs, your door will still have issues opening and closing. Again, the system may have to overwork and consume so much energy.

Before installation, remove all the door ropes and cords. This way, you will have nothing that gets tangled during the installation process. Remove or deactivate all the door locks you may already have to ensure they do not engage during installation. If the door is working just fine, and you install the garage door opener correctly, you should have no problem with closing or opening the door.

Choosing the Wrong Door Opener

Garage door openers are available in different types, depending on the size of your garage door. If you choose the wrong garage door opener and install it, your garage door may fail to open or close as it should.

If you have a single garage door, pick a 1/2-hp or 1/3-hp garage door opener. In most home centers, it may not be possible to find a 1/3-hp garage door opener, so you can go with the 1/2-hp opener. If you have a double garage door, pick a 1/2-hp, and if you have a faux wood or wood overlay door, pick a 3/4-hp door opener. Usually, installing a garage door opener with more power will not cause your door to open fast as these units come with a set opening speed.

You can also choose between a chain drive, belt drive, and a screw drive garage door opener. Chain drives are inexpensive but loud, while belt drives are expensive but quiet. Screw drives require the least maintenance.

Using the Flimsy Strap that Come with Some Openers

Some door openers come with weak straps. If you use the strap, it causes vibrations and lasts less long. A solid mounting ensures that there are no vibrations and your garage door opener will last a long time. If you can bend the garage door opener strap with your hands, then you need to get a new one that is strong enough. When you buy a slotted angle iron from the hardware store, it will support your garage door opener as it should. Cut the angle iron as needed with a hacksaw and install the garage door opener.

With an angle iron, there will be no vibrations, and this lengthens the lifespan of your garage door opener. The installation condition will determine where and how you attach the angle irons. Ensure to use lock washers or go for the thread-locking adhesive to keep the vibrations even lower.

Using Old Components

It is tempting to use the old wall button or opener button and the photoelectric eyes, but avoid doing that during garage door installation Fresno. The new garage door opener works well with new photo eyes and a new wall button designed for it. You can also replace the wires that connect the wall button and the photo eyes if you notice they are exposed. These wires may have been on the garage door for a decade or more.

A new garage door opener is very sensitive. It may fail to work if the wires or any other components are broken. It doesn’t take much time to remove and replace the wires and other components, so take your time and have the best garage door opener set up.

Incorrect Garage Door Remote Programming

If the garage door remote will not work no matter how close you get to the door, the problem might be in the programming of the keypad or remote control. Check whether the antenna is positioned facing downward and does not show any signs of damage. Also, check that the batteries do not need replacement. If these two conditions are met, then go on and program the keypad or the remote control.

Check the instructions on the manual of the garage door keypad or search for information online and program it right.

You can avoid some of these challenges by working with a professional garage door installer. They will guide you through the process or install the door opener for you in a way that doesn’t cause any challenges. If your garage door is out of balance, it is best to call a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself.