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Your garage door has many parts, but none are more important than its springs. Each of these supports the door’s weight as it is raised and lowered. Garage door springs don’t last forever; eventually, they wear out and can fail, often dramatically. You might get 5 to 7 years out of a basic set of springs, while heavy-duty ones may last longer, all depending on use. Whenever there seems to be a problem, have your springs checked, repaired, and replaced by a professional right away—Precision Door Service of Fresno provides garage door spring repair in Fresno and employs trained, certified, and experienced technicians who always get it right the first time.

There are two basic types of springs in question:

Extension springs, attached to garage door cables, stretch out when you close the door. Energy is stored in the coils and released when the door is lifted. A broken garage door spring releases an enormous amount of energy at once, which can cause major damage to the garage door system, your car, or drywall or a serious injury.

Torsion springs differ in that they’re mounted above the door. The cables are mounted to the bottom of the door; when the door closes, the garage door torsion spring winds up, storing energy. Once again, the unwinding motion releases energy to lift the door. The steel in the springs weakens over time, eventually to the point the door can’t be raised.

DIY vs. Professional Service

Garage door spring replacement isn’t something you should try if you’re not a trained professional. Under extreme tension, garage door springs can be very dangerous. They are under the most tension when the garage door is closed. Pulleys, cables, bolts, and other parts they are attached to are under extreme tension as well. If a spring snaps, not only can parts of it go flying at high speeds, but the garage door can come crashing down into hundreds of pounds of crushed material.

Our trained technicians possess the tools needed to safely get the job done. Garage door spring replacement requires the proper tools and someone who knows how to handle them. A professional also knows the proper precautions to take because one wrong move can trigger the spring to release its stored energy. Disaster can strike in a fraction of a second. Therefore, call Precision Door Service for prompt, dependable, and safe garage door spring installations in Fresno, CA.

Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs Repair or Replacement

When the springs start to wear out, you may notice the door hesitate or shudder. An uneven door can mean you have a broken garage door spring. If the torsion springs are going out, they may not hold up the weight of the door, which might start to drop on its own. An effective test is to disengage the automatic opener and manually raise the door; it should stay up, but if not or the door feels heavy, a spring may be on the brink of failure.

A failing extension spring will have a similar effect. You can also check for gaps in the steel coils, door misalignments, or springs and associated parts (for example, clips or loops) that look like they’re wearing out. If such is the case, call Precision Door Service of Fresno for garage door spring replacement and we can correct the problem the same day.

Garage Door Spring Repair vs. Replacement

Only a professional can tell you the right thing to do. In some cases, a torsion spring can be adjusted to fine tune the garage door’s function. However, wear and tear can only be addressed by replacing a spring that’s about to go or has already failed. You don’t have to let spring problems affect your life; our team is ready to help. Our skilled repair professionals can get your garage door working again by replacing worn springs in no time.

Experience the Precision Door Service Difference

Precision Door Service of Fresno offers the same quality of care that customers throughout the country have come to expect. Our Fresno garage door spring repair and replacement experts have extensive training, and our same-day service, 24/7 availability, and garage door maintenance program have you covered. Once a year, we can inspect your springs, cables, and other garage door parts for problems, and repair and replace anything that’s worn before there is a failure. Our technicians also lubricate parts and conduct a door balance test.

We stock any part you might need, including torsion and extensions springs, garage door openers, panels, cables, rollers, and tracks. If anything needs tightening, lubricating, or adjusting, our technician will take care of it right away, providing all the information you need to make a sound decision.

Our easy garage door installation and repair process consists of:

  1. Estimate: Written and signed, detailing every aspect of the job.
  2. Completion: A final walk-through showing all the work we did.
  3. Warranty: An industry best, along with our 24-hour callback policy.

If you have a failing or broken garage door spring, call our Fresno office or contact us online to schedule service right away.

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