garage door remote

Trying to operate a faulty garage door remote control can be frustrating. Fortunately, many garage door remote problems can be solved by taking a few extra steps. If your garage door still fails to open and close properly after you’ve made efforts to correct the problems with our remote or other garage door parts, Precision Fresno Garage Doors is open 24/7 to provide the best garage door repair Fresno residents like you can count on. Here are some common garage door remote problems and solutions you can try.

Remote Fails to Open and Close the Garage

Dead batteries in your remote can cause this problem. If your batteries need replacing, make note of the types of batteries that are needed so that you’ll know exactly what to look for at the store or online. Any dirt or moisture caused by leaking batteries that’s found inside the remote’s battery compartment should be cleaned away thoroughly before installing new batteries.

Garage Door Opener Won’t Work While Using Remote or Wall Switch

This is usually caused when the power circuit has been disrupted. Checking to make sure that the power cord is plugged in all the way can sometimes solve the problem. A tripped or burnt out circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI controller may also have caused the problem. If the garage door motor has burned out, Precision Fresno Garage Doors can perform repairs or offer you a replacement at an affordable rate.

Garage Door Reverses Direction Before Closing

If you notice that your garage door reverses its direction just before hitting the ground, adjustments might need to be made to the opener so that it doesn’t assume that your garage door has already shut completely. There could also be damage or dust buildups on the rollers that create extra friction, and cleaning and lubricating these parts may resolve the issue.

Door Fails to Close Completely

Your garage door could be opening perfectly normal but failing to close completely when being lowered. This could simply mean that the close-limit switch needs adjusting. Your safety sensors may also need to be adjusted or put back into alignment so that your door can close entirely. Having damaged or rusty tracks and rollers can also be the problem, and you should clean and lubricate these components to see if your door will close.

Door Fails to Open Completely

Moving the up-limit switch closer to the motor unit can often solve this problem. Rollers that are damaged should be replaced. If you have rusty rollers, lubricate them thoroughly and try operating your garage door to see if it opens all the way.

Sometimes the problem is with the remote itself or your garage door’s other components, and learning how to identify and resolve these issues can keep your door working the way that it should. If you need any assistance, Precision Fresno Garage Doors is in the business of addressing problems with garage door systems and can send a technician to your location.