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Help! My Garage Door Opener Won’t Connect to My Wi-Fi

Smartphones have allowed people to take greater control over their lives and over their appliances. The smartphone has even taken over the role of universal remote for a number of appliances, such as the garage door opener. However, with additional technology comes additional problems; if the garage door opener does not hook up to the home’s Wi-Fi network, the smartphone loses part of its functionality and can cause some issues. Fortunately, there are ways to solve the problem.

Before You Install Your Wi-Fi-Capable Garage Door Opener

For those looking to add a little more functionality to their garage door opener, adding Wi-Fi capability is the way to go. At the very least, it means eliminating another remote. It also means that you can let someone into the garage without actually being home. Examples may include exterminators, construction workers, or another family member whi lost their remote and/or phone. However, it can only help if you can confirm that the signal will reach the garage.

The simplest way to test the garage for a signal is to go to the garage door opener and put your smartphone next to it. You should be getting at least two bars; one or zero bars means that you may experience problems. It might be time to invest in a new router or extender if there is a weak signal. If you are getting two or more bars, you should be good to go.

You should also check in with your garage door repair company to see if they can help you. At the very least there may be warranty issues that need to be discussed. There is also the possibility that they may be dealing with any technical issues that arise. It may be useful to see what relevant services they offer. Keeping your garage door repair company keyed into what you are doing is never a bad idea, especially if there is the possibility that they may have to actually install the new opening hardware.

As You Set Up

As you set up your garage door opener for Wi-Fi signals, you should hear a number of beeps and see lights pop up on the garage door opener. Take note of the number of beeps and the color of the lights. These will tell you which steps to take to fix the problem. Additionally, while setting up pay special attention to the password. If it has not been changed since it was installed, it may be located on a sticker on the garage door opener. If there is a problem with the password, then you may need to contact the manufacturer. When changing the password, do not allow the password to self-populate. It may add a space to the end of the password, for example.

A common issue is that the Wi-Fi network signal may not be reaching the garage door opener. The issue is simply that there is a wall between the opener and the router. That wall reduces the range of the router. This means that you need to somehow move the router closer to the opener or extend the range of the router. The best option for the former is to simply move the router closer to the opener; this may mean moving printers and other hardware as well. The best option for the latter is to use another router or an extender to expand the range.

Another option to try is to simply power cycle the garage door opener. The idea is that the opener will hook the network when it comes back on, and it is a trick recommended by a number of different manufacturers. When you power cycle the opener, make sure that you totally disconnect the opener from all power sources; this means that you should not only pull the plug from the outlet but also that you should disconnect the backup power supply as well. Once disconnected, power up and program it as normal.

Troubleshooting the Wi-Fi Connection

Some of the problems may actually be in the router, so to speak. If you continuously have problems, it may be time to look at your router and what is going on there. The first thing to do is to check your VPN if you are using one; either try a different one or disconnect from the one you are using. If that does not work, make sure that you are actually connected to the internet; this means making sure that you are actually getting an IP address. Lastly, check your MAC address filtering and make sure that your MAC address is allowed.

You should check the app itself to make sure that it works. Everything that applies to the garage door opener applies to any app that you may use to access that garage door opener, so go through the same steps. Bear in mind that apps generally have discussion boards that you can check out for common problems. Not only are there some users who have found solutions, but they also have professionals who lurk in the boards specifically to see what problems exist so they can solve. If you are having problems, the boards may be your salvation.

Note that a lot of companies that do garage door repair also have someone on staff to deal with computer issues. This is specifically because of the prevalence of Wi-Fi network issues. This means that the same company doing your garage door spring repair is usually the same company that can help with your Wi-Fi opener issues. Check with the company that does your garage door repairs to see if such a service is available. If they install a Wi-Fi-capable garage door opener, it’s likely they can also help you connect your opener to the internet.

By following this simple troubleshooting guide, you should be able to handle most problems as they pop up. If you do experience problems on a regular basis, seek professional garage door repair assistance. Fresno has numerous garage door repair specialists who can handle an errant Wi-Fi problem. However, keep in mind that you can handle most problems yourself and that it generally just takes a little patience and willingness to try new options. Try it yourself first, but do not be afraid to call in a specialist if needed.