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Adding Wi-Fi to Your Garage Opener

With today’s garage openers, you can operate your garage door from anywhere on the planet with Wi-Fi. Most door openers already come with these capabilities. But can you get this type of security for your home if you have an older opener?

These days, you can get opener accessories that you can install on your opener for Wi-Fi. You can do this if you have newer equipment that just lacks the technology. If you have an older opener, you can get a technician who does Fresno garage door installation to install a brand new one.

Installing Wi-Fi On Your Garage Openers

If your garage door opener doesn’t already have Wi-Fi, you can retrofit your opener so that it works with these technologies. To set it up, follow the steps outlined here.

Mount the Wi-Fi controller on the ceiling near your opener. Ensure that your current Wi-Fi reaches this area. Test the strength by going up on a ladder and holding your mobile phone near the area. An adequate signal will come to at least two bars. If you don’t have a strong enough connection, you will need to purchase a mesh router.

Getting Wi-Fi Garage Controllers

Controllers receive an internet connection. To make sure your garage door controller works with your garage door opener, visit the manufacturer’s website and check the model. These controllers can operate up to three openers and even be connected to other home automation mechanisms.

Installing the Equipment and Final Steps

Once you mount your controller near your door opener, connect the opener to your connection. At this time, mount any sensors you might have, connect the sensors to your door opener and then pair the sensors to your controller.

While attaching Wi-Fi to your opener may seem simple, the job is not for everyone. If you’re not super handy, call in the help of a garage door repair technician. They can often get the job done in a short amount of time.