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Ways the Pros Can Keep Your Garage Door Opener Secure

A garage door opener helps you conveniently open the door early in the morning and when you get home at night. With just one click of your remote, you can raise and lower the door as needed. You may not realize that thieves can hack your opener and get complete access to your garage. Once this happens, they can steal anything they find. Working with a garage door repair pro in Fresno helps you protect your opener from hackers and thieves.

Choose a Smart Opener

It takes just 10 seconds for someone to hack your garage door opener. They can empty out your garage of all your valuables just as quickly. One way you can protect your garage is with a smart opener. Any garage door installation company in the Fresno area can install one of these for you. A smart opener uses Wi-Fi and sends you signals with info about your garage. You will know right away when someone opens the door or uses your opener. A smart opener sends an alert in a fraction of a second.

Protect Your Wi-Fi

Most homes today have Wi-Fi. Why worry about tripping over cords with standard internet when you can use a wireless connection? Instead of using the same network name your ISP gives you, give the internet a new name. It should not contain any portion of your name or address as this helps hackers figure out which connection goes with your home. You should also change your password and pick one that is hard for others to figure out. Securing your Wi-Fi makes it harder for hackers to find and use your connection to hack your opener.

Use the Lockout Feature

Fresno garages are a haven for thieves because of all the valuables many people store in them. Using the lockout feature on your opener is a smart way to protect your home. If you can’t find this feature or don’t think your opener has it, call in an expert for help. The lockout feature allows you to block someone from opening the door if they enter the wrong code more than once. While someone in your family can easily hit the wrong buttons and enter the wrong code once, it’s rare for them to make multiple attempts. The lockout feature allows you to stop anyone who doesn’t know the code from getting into your garage.

Update Your Garage Door Opener

If you’re like most people, you probably put off tech updates for as long as possible. Your garage door opener will come with software updates and let you know when you need to download them. Ignoring those updates is dangerous because you may miss out on some necessary security features. You should check for updates once every few weeks and look for any alerts that the opener gives you to make sure your garage is secure.

Opt for Rolling Codes

Garage door repair pros in Fresno can also help you choose a new opener that uses rolling codes. One of the nice things about modern openers is that they allow you to set a code you can easily remember. The problem is that someone who figures out that code can get in and out of your garage without you knowing. This is especially common if you use the same security code for multiple things. Fresno pros often recommend devices with rolling codes. This allows the opener to change the code on a regular basis to block anyone from entering the garage unless they can find the new code.

Pick a Secure Garage Door Opener

Some of the newest openers allow you to assign different codes to different users. Do you need to have someone pick up your car and take it to the shop while you’re at work? Maybe you have a cleaner who enters your house through the garage every day. With the right opener, you can assign temporary codes to select people. These codes only work for a short period and can work during select hours. You can always go in and remove the code to protect yourself.

Replace Old Lighting

Most Fresno garages have lights on the outside and inside. You might use those lights when working inside and to see as you head into your home. Motion-activated flood lights are a better and safer alternative. These lights come on in seconds when they detect any type of motion. If a hacker is nearby and trying to figure out your opener code, the light can come on and scare them enough that they look for a different home. These lights also work well to scare off robbers.

Consider a Keychain Remote

Do you have a garage door opener that you keep tucked in your console or visor? This is risky because it takes only a few seconds for someone to grab that remote and run. A better option is a keychain remote. Keychain remotes are small enough that you can keep one on your keys and carry it with you. You don’t need to worry about leaving your car unlocked when you’re taking in groceries or in a hurry. Some openers even give you the option of buying other remotes that you can give to your loved ones.

Install a Opener Shield

The same garage door installation pro you hire can help you install a shield. Garage door shields protect the emergency release cord on your door. A thief can use a simple coat hanger slid under the door to access the cord and release it. The whole process takes around 60 seconds or less. A new shield blocks the emergency cord and stops others from opening it when they’re outside. You can also look for a Wi-Fi shield that works with your garage door opener. When used inside, the shield secures your internet connection and stops others from using it. The shield does a good job of ensuring that hackers cannot use your system to unlock your garage opener.

Consult the Pros for Help

There are tons of YouTube videos that show you how others can hack your garage door opener and steal from you. Though you might think you’re safe because you picked a new model, there’s always a chance a hacker might target you. Using flood flights and changing to frosted windows can stop traditional thieves, but you also need to know how to secure your opener and keep it safe from hackers. Fresno pros can help you choose and install new products to secure your garage such as an opener that uses rolling codes and learning how to protect your Wi-Fi.