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An Overview of the Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener

If you’re constantly in need of a garage door spring repair, then you might as well upgrade your entire door motor. The ideal garage door opener is one that works in a variety of situations and within changing conditions. The wall-mounted garage opener is one of the most reliable openers found in the market today. These motors come in all sizes and with varying power outputs, so you’re free to choose what works best for your space. Overall, this option has the most utility around.

The Core Differences in Each Garage Door Opener

Ceiling-Mounted Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener you now own is among one of five different devices used today. Each of these motors has advantages based on how they work, where they’re installed, and how long they last. The selection you have consists of chain-driven, belt-driven, and direct-driven motors. Screw and smart-door openers give you more options but with technological enhancements. Here’s a look at the ceiling-mounted opener that many garages currently have:

• Trolley Belts: Most of you have this option; if not, you’ve seen it before. The trolley used in ceiling mounts pulls a metallic arm to raise the door and then pushes it to close the door.
• Rail Tracks: These tracks enable the actual door, along with its individual panels, to remain stationary when closing and opening. These rails are a guide for the ceiling motor to use.
• Screws: Though screws are common to you, those needed in a ceiling mount are long bolts with gyrated crevices. Such screws attach to the door and motor, enabling control over the door and motor.
• Chain Hoists: A hoist is a rope that you can find hanging from the ceiling mount. The hoist is used as a manual lever to open the garage door when necessary.

Wall-Mounted Garage Door Opener

The height of your garage’s ceiling might disable you from using a common ceiling mount. If your ceiling is too high, the equipment needed for the garage door mount gets cumbersome and expensive. Likewise, a motor installed but on a ceiling that’s too short creates an overhead obstruction for vehicles and people moving about. Here’s what wall mounts have instead:

• Chain Rails: These rails are where the door slides up and down after being moved by the motor. The brackets stabilize your door, offering a secure way of reusing your space.
• Wall Brackets: Instead of using brackets on the ceiling, this device is conveniently placed on a wall near the door. In most cases, the size of it is unassuming, and no one will take notice of it.
• Noiseless Belts: By using belts as opposed to chains or screw bolts, the wall-mounted opener is often very quiet. You can reuse this device without it becoming louder over time.
• Sectional Doors: The doors associated with a wall-mounted opener specifically use individual slabs that are connected by expandable hinges.


Before considering garage door repairs, ask about how much automation you currently have. Unlike many designs, wall-mounted devices can be rigged to work via sensors and remote controls. Sensors operate your motor once they receive a signal, for example, from your approaching vehicle. Remotes give you long-range control over your garage door.


A garage door opener is one of the main components behind your garage’s security. Just don’t limit safety to that of protection against intruders. Your garage is, in most cases, the largest moving part of your home. Wall-mounted openers rely on durable gears that restrain your door and its bulky weight. Further, with the help of deadbolts and instant locking, wall-mounted openers disable people from opening a door from its outside. From the inside, however, wall-mounted openers have quick releases to make getting out easy but without reducing safety.


You should certainly ask about garage door repairs if you hear constant, loud noises from your motor as it operates. Overall, the quietest motor that garage doors have is by far the wall-mounted model. Operating without chain drivers ensures that no loose, metallic parts move unnecessarily. Wall-mounted devices are designed with a minimalist approach in mind, so the components used by them are often small and free from vibrating or gyrating around. Though you can issue a garage door repair for noises, a replacement can eliminate noises indefinitely.

Storage Space

Don’t overthink your garage door spring repair if you can simply replace the entire unit. What many garage owners find is that wall mounts give you more space and are less cumbersome. Ceiling mounts not only come a bit larger but they’re installed to hang components over your vehicles. In many garages, this disables homeowners from using their ceiling space for storage. Garages, additionally, are used to store more than cars today. Some garages are entertainment spaces or temporary bunking areas for guests. Wall-mounted door openers allow you to build things high or leave your garage with a welcoming, unobstructed ceiling view.

Manual Release Switches

Your garage door opener should have a manual lever, no matter what type it is. Release switches installed into wall mounts enable you to leave your garage at a moment’s notice. You’ll find this feature suitable when you’re occupied and haven’t brought a remote or key. Even your sensors might prove useless if you need your vehicle to pass near them. Manual release switches in wall-mounted motors are also useful when the door malfunctions. Until you get repairs done, your manual release will remain reliable.


The one downside that homeowners attribute to wall mounts deals with cost. Being quiet, compact, and installed out of the way are advantages that no other garage door opener provides in a single package. The durability of these devices is also a factor behind the cost. You can expect your unit to work well for over 15 years, and you can expect higher costs for this reason. Those costs only increase as you enhance your opener with remote- or sensor-operated features. For automation to be installed, you must buy outdoor sensors with receivers for inside.

When you find the consistent need to call for a garage door repair, it might be time to consider other devices. Just a few measurements are all that’s needed before a wall-mounted door opener can be installed. Your later garage door repair in Fresno is often subtle and minimal with this type of machine. Whether you have a large family or are single, these mounts keep your space clear of obstructions and safe from harm during malfunctions.