repairman working when door needs to be replaced

3 Signs It’s Time for Your Garage Door to Be Replaced

Although the home’s garage door is manufactured to withstand the elements and the day-to-day use of it, the fact is that it’s going to at one point need to be replaced. However, it sometimes difficult to determine when a replacement is needed. The following includes three signs to look out for to help you determine when to replace it.

A Garage Door With Constant Breakdowns Should Be Replaced

If you’re noticing that your garage door is constantly breaking down, then it may be a sign that you need your entire garage door replaced. The expense of installing a new garage door may be daunting to homeowners, and thus they tend to drag on making the decision. However, constant repairs may often cost more than simply having the door repaired. If you’re experiencing some breakdowns but not enough to warrant an immediate replacement, you may need to seek a garage door repair Fresno company’s advice.

Loud Noise When in Use

One of the sure-fire signs that your garage door is beginning to experience some type of trouble is when it begins to make loud metallic noises. These noises will usually come from either your door opener, tracking system, or a combination of all the components.

Not Energy-Efficient Enough

Over the years, homeowners have become aware of the effects a garage door has on their home’s energy. A thin aluminum garage door can allow much of the outside weather into the home. This can lead to harsh conditions in the garage and loss of energy from the rest of the home. As you can tell by now, this can cause an increase in monthly utility bills and may even lead to a devaluation of your overall home value.