House with garage

A home is the largest investment most people will ever make, but once a sale is closed, the work isn’t done. Garage doors can take up as much as 40% of a home’s façade. Investing in quality products and maintenance is important, and the following factors should answer your question: “Does a new garage door increase home value?” Below you’ll see just how your garage door can in fact increase home value.

How Garage Doors Boost Home Value

House with garage

Improved Curb Appeal

The surface area of a garage door presents an opportunity to pick a color scheme that complements the rest of your exterior. Add windows and hardware to enhance the look. Bolder colors can work if you’re intent on turning your garage door into a statement, while there are numerous panel styles to choose from. When prospective buyers stop by, the exterior of your home will form their first impression.

Accommodating the Style of Your Home

The best garage door type for your home depends on its design. For example, a steel or wood carriage house door is suited for a Victorian or Colonial home, as are iron hinges, handles, and other decorative hardware. A garage door with arched, divided windows or double-hung wood windows is more suited for a Craftsman home, while contemporary and modern homes featuring modern garage doors with stained wood and pebble and powder-coated glass can be more valuable.

Improvements in Safety and Security

A safe home is of greater value to you, your family, and potential buyers. Modern features and technologies include photosensors that prevent the door from closing when an object, vehicle, pet, or person is in the way. Also, new garage door opener systems have security features such as rotating security codes, which change every time the door is operated. This helps keep intruders out. Even control your garage door and get instant updates on your smartphone.

Increased Energy Efficiency

New garage doors are insulated, sealed, and designed for energy efficiency. Insulation keeps outside air out, which in turn maintains the temperature of your garage and home. This is especially a benefit for an attached garage. Look for weather sealing and high R-values (the R-value should be at least 11; R-14 to R-16 ratings are suggested for colder climates). In addition, insulation can also reduce outside noise so your garage, and your home overall, is quieter and more private.

Increased Return on Investment

Along with replacing old windows, updating your floors, tending to landscaping, and changing the color scheme of your home, when finished, a garage can increase home value when the door is fresh and properly kept. Do you feel like replacing your garage door is an unnecessary expense? According to Remodeling magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, about 76.9% of the cost of replacing a garage door can be recouped during the sale of your home.

And the more durable the material, the longer your garage door will last.

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