garage door installation fresno

garage door installation fresno

Not all garage doors are created equal, and their main difference is the material that they’re constructed out of when they’re manufactured. If you’re looking to install a new garage door, it’s important to compare the various materials available to determine which one is the right fit for your residential property and the climate of where you live. Here’s a complete guide to different garage door materials and what they each offer.



Wood is a traditional type of material to use on garage doors that are known to be classic and attractive. Wood is available in different grains and color shades, which enhances its natural beauty and can allow consumers to have more options to choose from to ensure the garage door complements the exterior of their property. Homeowners can also choose to re-stain or paint the wood for a custom look but should expect the material to be high maintenance with the care that it requires over time.



Steel garage doors are known to be extremely durable and can withstand exposure to various environmental elements each season. Although there’s always the risk of steel rusting, it can be painted powder-coating or clad to protect the exterior. Many people choose to install steel doors because they can mimic the appearance of wood with the stamped-on grain. They can also be insulated to combat sound, wind, and outside temperatures.



Garage doors can also be constructed out of fiberglass, which is known to be highly durable but still comes with a low price tag. Compared to other types of garage door materials, fiberglass garage doors don’t suffer from damage caused by insects and moisture. They also won’t warp like wood, which can allow them to last longer. Homeowners who need a garage door installation in Fresno can also consider a fiberglass door if they want to achieve the look of natural wood without having to deal with the high maintenance that comes with installing a real wood garage door.