A home with a aluminum-frame garage door

A home with a aluminum-frame garage door

An Aluminum-Frame Garage Door: Is It for You?

When homeowners are looking to add a new design or material to their existing garage door, they will almost always need a strong frame. One of the best materials out there is aluminum. It provides a strong frame that won’t just withstand the elements but also most materials that are placed within it. However, much with any investment, you should always research every part of it. Thus, the following includes a list of pros and cons regarding having an aluminum-frame garage door installed.

Pro: Curb Appeal

One of the most important things for a homeowner to have is a good curb appeal. Essentially, it is how good your home looks from the street. In fact, curb appeal will often either lower or raise a home’s overall value. This is why so many people tend to go with garage doors with aluminum frames for their next project. The clean lines and edges of this type of material are just what your home needs to look consistent and pleasing to the eye.

Pro: Lightweight Material

Conducting garage door maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner. Bent tracking systems and loose tension springs can be a downright nightmare to deal with. What is often overlooked is that the type of material used on the garage door is often the culprit for weak components. Because aluminum is so lightweight, you can feel confident that your garage door’s components are going to last you much longer.

Con: Dents May Appear More Easily

Although being so lightweight is certainly an advantage, it should also be noted that it can dent rather easily. Car bumps and kids hitting the door with their bikes are just some of the few ways that your frame can dent. The good news is that there are plenty of Fresno garage door installation companies that are more than capable of fixing such issues.

Con: Lack of Color Options

At the moment, there are no color options for this type of garage door material. You will usually receive one color and would have to make that work with the rest of your garage and home.