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Steps to Take If You Lose Your Garage Door Remote

If you access your garage throughout the week, then the garage door remote is likely in use consistently by residents on the property. The item is prone to get lost due, which can make it challenging to have access to the garage or park your car inside. If you happen to lose the garage door remote, there are a few important tips to take immediately.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

If you’ve lost your garage door opener, then now may be the perfect time to upgrade to a new opener that is more efficient and functional. If your current model consistently suffers from issues and requires garage door repair in Fresno frequently then you can use this opportunity to obtain a new opener and remote for your home. Although it may be an investment, it can allow you to avoid spending more money on repairs in the future.

Lock the Garage Door

Once you initially realize that your garage door remote is missing then it’s important to first lock the garage door to prevent anyone from accessing the building. If the opener has gotten into the wrong hands then it can be easy to have your home become a target because the intruder will have an easy way of getting inside. Make it a point to manually lock the garage door until you replace the product or find it.

Erase the Remote From Memory

An additional step to take is to erase the remote from memory and reset the opener’s code to prevent intruders from getting inside of the garage. Most people have a spare remote on hand, which can be used if the main one goes missing. Erase the lost remote from the memory of the garage door opener and reset the code to secure the building. You can purchase an additional opener and program it to work with the new code of the door to continue getting in and out of the garage.