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The Best-Selling Garage Doors in 2019

Residential garage doors vary in their style, function, and features. For homeowners, there are a variety of doors to consider purchasing when it’s time to install a new product on the building. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, there are a few products to consider that are in demand among consumers.

Black Garage Doors

More people are purchasing black garage doors on their homes due to their sleek design that is modern and bold. The unconventional color shade of the door makes them one of the latest trends on the market and allows them to make a statement on exterior settings. The color shade makes the garage door stand out and pops on white houses, which can create a farmhouse style. The doors also hide any blemishes or marks that develop over the years.

All-Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors have a high level of appeal because they create a sleek look for residential properties and have an upscale style. Not only do they have a high level of design, but they also allow plenty of natural light into the garage, which can reduce your energy usage. The extra light can allow the garage to appear larger and more spacious for increased functionality and use of the space. If privacy is your concern, the glass can be frosted or tinted to ensure you can prevent onlookers from peeking inside the building.

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

More people want to create a green setting on their property, which makes eco-friendly garage doors in demand. Modern models have more insulation that can maintain the temperature and comfort inside of the building each year, especially in warmer climates. Controlling the internal temperature can also preserve the garage door parts, which will require fewer garage door repairs in Fresno over the years. Added insulation that is built into the door will also reduce your energy bill for added savings, which can make the new door purchase worth the investment.