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3 Simple and Effective ATV Garage Design Tips

All-terrain vehicles allow for plenty of outdoor adventures in Fresno and surrounding areas. Still, you’ll need to regularly store your quads when they’re not in use. If you don’t have a shed for this purpose, the right ATV garage design is essential. Here are three simple and effective garage designs to consider for this purpose.

1. Make a Lift System Part of Your ATV Garage Design

Having ATVs in your garage doesn’t mean you have to park your everyday vehicles on the street, nor does it mean you have to settle for a cramped garage. A lift system is an ATV storage solution that can keep your quads neatly off to the side. What’s great about this option is that it takes up zero floor space when it’s sufficiently elevated. An adjustable platform can also double as a workbench when it’s not being used to store ATVs.

2. Use Space-Saving Storage Racks

With quad storage racks in your garage, place them in a way that doesn’t use more space than what’s necessary. For instance, you might use a two-level rack that securely holds two ATVs. Another option is to use a rack designed to store two ATVs in the same space it would take to house two of them. If you’re already limited on garage space, declutter first so you have room for the racks you need for your ATVs.

3. Have Your Garage Door Repaired If Necessary

Another part of your ATV garage design should be your garage door. Ideally, you want it to be able to withstand frequent use, especially if you store both cars and ATVs in your garage and use both types of vehicles often. If your garage door doesn’t handle frequent use well anymore, a technician specializing in garage door repair in Fresno can offer recommendations. In some cases, this could mean a new opener or adjustments to tracks, cables, or springs.