garage heater

garage heater

Is It Worthwhile to Install a Garage Heater?

Many people use their garages for various reasons, but when the temperature drops outside, it could get uncomfortable. If you live in a cooler climate, you may consider adding heat to your garage. Several factors should be considered before you purchase a garage heater, which are listed below.

How Much Time You Spend in the Garage

Consider how much time you spend in the garage. If you use your garage to work on vehicles or other projects, a heater in the garage may be worthwhile. You will be able to stay in there longer on colder nights, and it will be warmer getting in and out of the vehicle.

The Cost of Garage Door Repairs

Freezing temperatures wreak havoc on garage doors, leading to the need for a garage door repair in Fresno. The cold could cause a garage door opener to get stuck and cause frozen puddles under unsealed doors. Cold weather often causes metal doors to contract and could freeze hardware. A heater could prevent you from having to pay for unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented.

Garage Heater Expenses

Adding a heater increases utility bills. You can use a BTU calculator to figure out how much it would add to your heating costs. If your garage isn’t insulated, the heat will exit under the door or through windows. A heater will be ineffective unless you install insulation.

The type of heater you use can also make a difference in cost. If you only use your garage every now and then for projects, a space heater may be more efficient. However, if you want to keep vehicle batteries from freezing, a forced-air system may be a better option.

The decision to heat your garage is not something to take lightly. Knowing the pros and cons will help you decide whether it’s right for your garage.