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When it comes to large and expensive jobs such as installing a garage door, then you must make sure the company you’re hiring is fit to complete the installation correctly. Here are a few questions you must absolutely ask them before signing any contract.

5 Questions to Ask a Garage Door Installation Company Before Hiring

Purchasing a brand-new garage door is an enormous investment on the part of the homeowner. Understandably, they want to take the necessary steps to ensure that not only are the materials well created but that they are installed professionally as well. Therefore, vetting your chosen installation company is a must if you want your door to be installed correctly. Therefore, the following list includes five questions to ask your garage door installation technicians before bringing them in to do the job.

Do the Garage Door Installation Techs Follow Proper Safety Guidelines?

Perhaps the most important thing for the safety of your investment and the people working on your property is knowing if the company has trained their employees well. Training workers in the safety guidelines of your particular state is crucial. This is because not only are the companies at risk of being sued by their workers but you as well. They can claim that unforeseen obstacles within your home caused the accident. Note that if you do have certain safety issues with your garage that you seek the services of a garage door repair Fresno company to ensure everyone’s safety.

What Type of Materials will be used?

One of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have is that the installers will use components that came with the door. Often times, extra things are needed or must be replaced. Therefore, it is imperative that you ask about these materials. Are they the highest quality, or will the cheapest option be used?

Do They Have Business Insurance?

Every business, according to the law of the majority of states, requires a business to carry general insurance. This means that they are equipped to cover any damages done to your property by accidents caused during the project.

Do They Offer Guarantees?

A company that stands behind its services will always offer some sort of guarantee. If they do not, you should take this as a red flag that they may not produce the best of results.

Can They Offer References?

When something as large as a garage door installation occurs, you are bound to have some negative feedback. Some negative feedback shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but if they are not opened about it, then it becomes a problem. A professional company will have no problem offering references to their potential clients. They stand behind the good and the bad.