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Top Reasons to Install a Garage Door Keypad

Garage doors are used frequently as residents drive off to work each day or access the contents in the garage when they need sporting equipment or holiday decorations. The way that you’re able to enter and exit the garage influences its level of security and the convenience that is offered. If you want to improve the quality and use of your garage door, there are a few reasons to consider installing a keypad on the building.

Substitute House Keys

Families with children can consider installing keypads to substitute house keys for when the kids arrive home from school each day. Keypads are often easier for children to use to enter the home compared to keys or remotes and can prevent the keys from becoming lost as the child spends time at school each day. If a key is lost, kids won’t be able to have access to the building. With the use of a pin, you can even allow family members or friends to enter the house if you’re away and don’t have a key to provide.

More Reliability

Garage door keypads have a higher level of reliability due to how advanced they’ve become in recent years. They are less prone to malfunctioning or requiring repairs due to how efficient they operate, which means you won’t have to invest as much in Fresno garage door repair. The latest models even include battery backup and a surge protector can be used against voltage spikes.

Increased Security

Keypads offer peace of mind to homeowners because they provide a higher level of security on the property to reduce the risk of a break-in if an intruder is targeting the house. Rolling codes are now used to prevent hackers from discovering your pin. Fingerprint access is also provided on many keypads for those who are concerned that a stranger could discover the code. You can even tie the garage door to the open door alert system with your alarm to ensure you’re alerted if someone attempts to access the garage.