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How to Select the Right Color of Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most prominent features on your property that determines the look and appeal of your home. Many people don’t realize how much the color shade of the feature stands out and influences the look of the exterior setting. When you’re shopping around for the right garage door to install, it’s important to know how to select the best paint color of garage door before making your purchase.

Consider Your Color Scheme

The architecture and color scheme of your house is one of the main factors to consider when choosing the right door to install. Consider the colors that are already used on the trim, front door, or shutters of your house. The color of your garage should match or at least pair well to ensure it blends in with everything. Those with brick homes can consider a neutral color shade that will pair well with the deep red hues on the building.

Make a Statement

When it comes to choosing the color of your Fresno garage door installation, don’t be afraid to make a statement with a shade that pops and looks trendy. Thinking outside of the box can allow you to select a unique color shade that is unconventional and boosts the curb appeal of your home. Consider purchasing a garage door that is black, dark brown, or gray. Fortunately, the color shade that is selected shouldn’t influence the price of the garage door or its value.

Select a Specific Material

If you live in a modern house that is sleek and upscale, consider installing a garage door that has a wood material, which will add a rich color shade to your exterior setting. The brown wood will create added character to the building and can look contemporary for many years to come. You can re-stain the wood every few years to keep it looking new and beautiful without having to repaint it.