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Possible Reasons for a Garage Door to Get Jammed

Garage doors are designed to operate smoothly and function well as they provide residents with access to the garage. There are many parts and mechanisms of the feature, which can make it prone to jamming at times if proper maintenance isn’t provided to the door. As a homeowner, it’s important to know the common causes of garage door jams.

Broken Springs

The garage door springs are one of the main parts used to operate the garage door but are prone to cause issues if they suffer from excessive wear or are damaged. Broken springs are under an excessive amount of pressure and stress, which can cause them to snap or become loose. Broken springs can prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly, which can make it challenging to get your car out of the garage. Hiring a professional to inspect the springs every six months with a visual inspection will prevent the parts from breaking.

The Door Is Off the Track

Garage doors can’t open and close if the rollers start to fall off the track. In some cases, a Fresno garage door repair will be needed if the track or rollers become damaged. If the garage door panels break, then the entire door will need to be replaced by a technician. The garage door track may have also become lodged due to an obstruction that is present, which is an easy fix. Keeping the tracks free of debris and adding lubricant to the parts will keep everything operating smoothly.

The Door Is Locked

In some cases, residents don’t realize that the reason their garage door isn’t opening or closing is because it’s locked. Locks are used to secure the garage and won’t allow the door to operate. Some doors are built with a “full lock” system, which allows the feature to be locked from the outside by turning a handle. Always check the lock in advance to determine if that’s the cause of the issue.