Fresno Garage Door Repair: Which Garage Door Component Noises Are Normal?

Ever stopped and wondered what all those noises are when you’re coming in or out of your garage? Those component noises can be a little off-putting if you’re not used to hearing them. However, many of those noises are actually a sign that everything is working as it should. Therefore, the following includes a list of odd noises you may hear that are normal to a garage door.

Mild Banging Component Noises

It is often said that if you have loud banging noises coming from your garage door, then it’s a sign of pending trouble. However, hearing a little banging from your door isn’t something to worried about. This usually means that that door’s panels are moving down the tracking system as they are meant to be. As stated above, only when loud metallic sounds begin to appear that you should bring in a garage door repairs Fresno company to look at your tracking system.

Humming Sound

If there is a humming sound coming from your garage door, it’s likely from your garage door opener and its internal motor. The door opener is located right above, and it is the component that sends electricity to the rest of the door, thus making allowing it to move up and down.

Chain Movement Sounds

In some homes, the garage will have a chain drive rather than a belt drive installed. If a chain drive is present, you may hear a small rattling of the chain as it pulls up or down your door. Understandably, this sound can be odd to someone who’s had a belt drive (much quieter component) their entire life.


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