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Belt-driven garage doors are very popular and last a long time, but they may need to be replaced if used in extreme weather climates.

The Pros and Cons of Belt-Driven Garage Doors

You probably didn’t realize how many different types of garage doors were available until you had to replace your old door or were deciding which one to use in your new construction home. But indeed, several types of garage doors use different motors to raise and close the door, including belt-drive, chain-drive, and screw-drive motors. As belt-driven doors are the most popular choice for consumers, we’ve put together this guide about the pros and cons of this type of garage door.

How Belt-Driven Doors Work

To understand the pros and cons, you must understand how these types of garage doors work. Belt-driven garage doors use a belt that can be made out of steel-reinforced rubber, polyurethane, or fiberglass material. The garage door motor moves the belt, which in turn moves a trolley that opens and closes the garage door. Belt-driven garage doors are similar to chain-drive garage doors with the latter using a chain instead of a belt.

Pros: Belt-Driven Doors

These types of garage doors have a ton of benefits. First, belt-driven doors are much quieter than chain-drive doors, as the belt moves smoother than the chain does. Additionally, belt-based garage doors are very strong, and the belt mechanism can last for years without ever needing to be replaced.

Belt-driven doors, as they are so popular, are also very cheap compared to other types of openers, including screw-drive garage doors. Last, these garage door openers also operate faster than other options, opening and closing the garage door very quickly.

Cons: Belt-Driven Doors

There are some cons to be aware of. The belt part of this type of opener can be comprised by extreme heat or humidity, making the belt slip out of place. However, if your garage is temperature-controlled, this may not be an issue. Further, even if your belt does need to be replaced, the process of switching out belts is very easy, and a garage door repair in Fresno service will have no trouble taking care of the issue for you.