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New Garage Door Tech Options for Your Consideration

At one time, a garage door was simply something that opened and closed as needed while keeping your vehicle and other belongings safe from the elements. But in today’s modern world, even the garage door is keeping pace with modern technology. So, if you are exploring your options with garage door installation in Fresno, take a moment to consider some of the latest possibilities.

The Latest in Garage Door Tech: the Garage Door Opener

The opener is what helps your garage door open and close. While this basic purpose has not changed, what has changed is the style and design of the modern garage door opener. Garage door technology involving openers now includes high-tech openers that can be operated online and accessed remotely from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. An especially appealing feature of newer openers for homeowners is Fresno is that they will keep working even if the power goes out!

High-Tech Garage Doors

Garage door tech also extends to the doors themselves. When making your Fresno garage door installation choices, you can opt for a door made from materials that offer the classic look of wood with added energy efficiency. Some newer doors also have added insulation provided in a way that doesn’t make the door itself bulkier. Other energy-saving properties are available as well. Even the panels have evolved from rigid designs to more flexible horizontal, sectional panels linked together with hinges.

Garage Doors Linked to Home Monitoring Systems

Can you imagine keeping track of your older children’s comings and goings when they use your vehicles because of data recorded by your garage door? This is actually possible today thanks to one of the latest garage door options – garage door systems that can be connected to your home monitoring system. The more advanced systems available can be integrated with systems in your home that control functions like temperature, security, and lighting. It’s also possible to add some high-tech features to a garage door system you already have in place as you make some adjustments and improvements.