garden supplies

garden supplies

Smart Garage Storage Ideas for Garden Supplies

As a homeowner, you have a list of responsibilities that you need to adhere to. One of the most important is keeping a tidy and great looking yard. One of the drawbacks, however, is needing to store all your gardening equipment into the garage. It’s safe to say that storing these items can quickly turn into a chore and a mess. Therefore, the following list includes some of the best ways to incorporate smart garage storage techniques for storing garden supplies.

Utilize Your Garage Wall Space

One of the best ways to store your gardening tools is up high, but how do you go about doing that? Since garages have a lot of unused wall space, they can be easily converted into areas for shelves. Use these to store away boxes of extra hose attachments, nuts, bolts, and other items you regularly use every week. Note that if you do have extension springs on your door, you may want to replace them with torsion springs that run along the door’s top rather than the sides. Always contact a local company that provides garage door repairs in Fresno when dealing with tension springs as they can be rather dangerous.

Storing Large Garden Supplies

What if you have a large or multiple grass mowers? How do you best fit them into your garage? There are two ways to create storage for your lawnmowers smartly. The first one includes storing the mower vertically. This can save you a lot of room, and hanging a few hooks and ropes to keep it in place won’t take too long. It should be noted that not all mowers are able to nor should be stored vertically. Always consult with your user’s manual. The second includes building a small platform. You can place the lawnmower underneath and still have enough space for additional items on top.