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How to Customize Your Home’s Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most prominent features on your exterior property that stands out and contributes to the home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, many garage doors can look the same and don’t have any notable features or details. If you want to make your garage door stand out and look appealing, there are a few ways to customize the feature to ensure you have an eye-catching home in the neighborhood.

Add Windows

Not only do windows allow more natural light into the garage, but they also work as a decorative feature on the door to create a contemporary design. Investing in windows can boost the value of your home because it will improve the look of your house with a personal touch that is added. Consider matching the windows on the garage door to the windows on your house for a uniform design. Simulated garage door windows are also an option if the door faces to the west to avoid the natural light from heating the garage, which can affect the lifespan of the parts on the door and may require more garage door repair in Fresno.

Install Hinges

Hinges are an additional feature that attaches to the front of the door and have a long shape. They are typically used in pairs and give the impression that the garage door opens outward, which creates a classic look that allows the feature to look similar to rustic doors or carriage houses. Latches are also an additional detail to install and can allow the door to look rural for those who want their garage door to look like it’d be used on a barn or carriage house for a beautiful visual impression that is made.

Use Studs and Grilles

Those who have French country or Mission-style houses can consider using studs and grilles to create a unique and beautiful design that will prevent the house from looking like it’s another suburban property. Studs and grilles are known to make a statement and will make the door look upscale.