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The Best Disability-friendly Garage Doors for Your Home

If you or someone else in your household has a disability that limits mobility or contributes to other limitations, garage accessibility may be a concern. One way to address this concern is to explore your options with disability-friendly garage doors. Here are some of the best options to consider when updating, adjusting, or replacing a Fresno garage door for this reason.

Smart Garage Doors

A good starting point is to reach out to a company specializing in garage door repair in Fresno and similar services to see what options are available for smart garage doors. What actually makes a garage door “smart” is the opener. In some cases, modifications to an existing opener can be made to allow for appropriate disability adjustments. Either way, what you’ll end up with is a garage door that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone phone or similar mobile device. Some garage door controllers are also voice-activated, which can be convenient if hand/finger use is limited.

Garage Doors with Safety Features

An accessible garage door is one that’s also safe. Features that can provide an added level of safety and personal security include motion-detected sensors that automatically keep the door from closing when someone in a wheelchair is preparing to enter or exit the garage. Wireless garage door keypads can also increase accessibility for disabled family members by allowing access without the need to manage or manipulate keypads or a remote control.

Walk-Through Disability-friendly Garage Doors

These are garage doors that have a built-in door within the door itself. This can be beneficial for times when someone with a disability wishes to quickly enter or leave a garage without having to activate the garage door to fully lift it. Related accessories can also be added to a garage door to make it more disability-friendly. Rubber threshold ramps, modular ramps, and motion-activated lighting are some of the possibilities to consider.