Materials Garage Doors Are Made From

Most homes built in the past 30 years have the garage door as a prominent feature attached to the house. It is large enough for one or two cars and sometimes a boat. This means it takes up at least a third of the appearance of the front of the house.
The materials and style of the garage door should blend with the architecture of the house. This increases curb appeal and adds value to the home.

The Best Materials for Garage Doors in Fresno

Today, the most commonly used materials for garage doors are aluminum, steel, wood composites, wood, fiberglass, glass or vinyl. The most popular are wood or wood composites.

The appearance of wood is very attractive. The types of wood used for garage doors are cedar, fir, redwood and meranti, tropical hardwood plywood. The doors are built in layers to help prevent warping.

Wood composite is a material that simulates real wood. It may consist of a wood frame that is covered with sheets of fiberboard. High-density fiberboard has details that make it look like real wood such as grooves, knots and rings.

Metal Garage Doors

Steel is considered the strongest and best material. It consists of two layers of galvanized steel that is either painted or covered with a composite material. Steel doors are fine for Fresno, but not recommended for coastal areas. Aluminum doesn’t rust but it does dent easily. They may be fitted with glass panels that are safe and strong. Whatever material you choose, make sure it improves the appearance of the front of your home.

If you need Fresno garage door repair, it may be in your best interest to consider a new garage door. The guide above will help you pick the right material.