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Garage doors may be simple to operate, but they have plenty of moving parts. Find out the garage door hardware used to that is used to secure your home.

What Type of Garage Door Hardware Do You Need?

A garage door is not the most complicated thing on earth, but it is more than just a door and electric opener. Modern garage door systems consist of more than a dozen different parts. The garage door hardware can affect how safe and comfortable it is to operate your door.

It is difficult to identify your needs for garage door repair in Fresno if you do not know what you are looking at, so here is a basic introduction that describes the main parts of a garage door system.

Section Joints and Brackets

These are joints found between the panels if you have a sectional garage door. They are the components that allow your garage doors to fold as they retract into the ceiling.

Bottom brackets are attached to the lower corners of your garage door. They normally include rollers that are connected to cables that lift your door to open it. Well-built corner brackets show you that your garage door is of high quality.

Torsion Springs and Cable Drum

Torsion springs are used to lift garage doors and are usually mounted above the closed door. Springs are commonly located parallel to the garage opening and above your door. These springs are typically wound very tight, and you should handle them with great care when repairing or replacing them to avoid injury. There are also grooved drums mounted on the torsion spring shaft where lifting cables wind when your garage door opens.

Extension Springs

Extension springs lift garage doors and are mounted above the garage door horizontal track and are perpendicular to your closed automatic garage door. They are an excellent option to open your garage door if space above your door is limited.

Pull Ropes and Lift Handles

Pull ropes and lift handles are garage door parts used to operate a garage door manually and are found in all types of doors. Additionally, some locking mechanism is often part of this setup to secure your garage when you lock the door.

Why You Should Know Your Garage Door Hardware

Although this is not an exhaustive list of garage door hardware, these items are the most likely to cause issues if they fail. By identifying the essential parts, you will be better prepared to handle maintenance issues.