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From cars to sporting equipment, there are many things your garage is supposed to store. But pests are not among them. Unfortunately, the reality is that many garages become home to pests throughout the year. In summer, pests seek garages for their damp, cool environment. In winter they seek out garages for warmth. Pests find their way in through virtually any crack or crevice. And if you don’t have an insulated garage, it’s even more appealing for intruders. If your garage has become home to pests, it’s time to take action. A pest problem can quickly become worse, and it can also clue you into an underlying problem. Here’s how you can keep your garage pest-free.
Clear Out Clutter

If you needed an excuse to clear out your garage, eradicating pests is a great place to start. Crickets, silverfish, mice, and other pests hone in on cardboard boxes and anything that offers insulation. They use these materials for bedding, nesting, and food. If you have cardboard boxes lying around, dispose of extras that you don’t need. When you lift them up, check for pests that may have crawled into or under the boxes.

Seal Food

Food is an open invitation for pests of all kinds. If you keep food in the basement, be sure it’s properly sealed in airtight containers. This will ward off mice, ants, and other critters that are drawn to your food supplies. This applies to pet food as well, which is just as appealing to the pests in your home. If any food has fallen on the ground, be sure to do a thorough sweeping or vacuuming of the area to get rid of excess food particles that might attract pests.


Spring is a popular time to clean out your home. But if your garage is prone to pests, you should take care to keep the space clean year-round. This means tackling everything from the cobwebs in the windowsills to the mold that grows on the ceiling. Creating a sterile environment will discourage growth of fungi or pest nesting areas, which in turn keeps your garage pest-free. As you’re cleaning, be sure to cover the walls and any hidden crevices, which are prime opportunities for pests to move in.

Apply Insecticides

If your garage is inhabited with insects, applying a pesticide is a good option for pest control. Ultimately, you should spray the baseboards in your garage with insecticide and spray products on any insects currently in your garage. When you’ve finished applying the insecticide, remove any dead insects when you find them.

Getting rid of pests is a good start to a cleaner, healthier home. But you might need to invest in garage door repair or replacement in order to keep pests out for good. For that, you can contact us for your garage door Fresno needs. As experts in garage door services, we’ll get the pests out of your garage for good.