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Choose the Right Door for a Pet-Friendly Garage

Having a nice, comfy spot all set up for Fido or Fluffy in your Fresno garage can be a good idea if you have a pet that prefers some degree of privacy and independence when not interacting with family members. But it’s important to make sure you have a pet-friendly garage if you opt to do this. Below, you’ll find some of your options if you have a pet that primarily lives in the garage.

Create a Pet-Friendly Garage with a Pet Door

Garage-dwelling pets often appreciate having a way to easily get in and out of their space. One way to make this possible is with a pet door that’s built into your garage door. Such door features can be added in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing yet convenient for your pet to use. You may also find yourself not having to deal with Fresno garage door repair as often if your pet doesn’t have to scratch at your garage door when they want to get in or out.

Choose Materials That Are Resistant to Unintended Pet Damage

Garage doors for pets are ones designed to be resistant to scratches and similar potential sources of damage. Vinyl is a great material for this purpose since it’s highly durable. Another option is to choose a door with multiple panels so repairs can be easily made. Fresno garage doors with larger windows can also be appealing to pets since more natural light can be let into your garage.

Decide What’s Best for Your Pet and Your Own Preferences

If you have an energetic dog or cat or if there are long hours of the day when nobody is home, having a pet door placed in your garage door is definitely worth considering. It gives your pet more freedom in a way that doesn’t affect your home’s energy efficiency like a pet door in your home’s door could. Also, garage pet doors can be installed with durable rubber or plastic flaps to minimize heat loss.