What’s in a Garage Door’s Core Area?

The garage door is one of the best conveniences of our modern life. It provides us with not only shelter but protection as well. This is why it is so important to understand your garage door and the components that make up the door. In this article, we will cover the core area of the garage door and how it helps your door function properly.


Your garage door may seem like it’s all created out of one piece, and although there are certain doors built like these, a large amount aren’t. If you look within the core area of your door, you will find hinges covering it. These are there to do two things. They are placed to hold the panels together as well as to act as additional support when the door goes up and down.

Insulation in the Core Area

Insulation isn’t something that all doors come with, but it has quickly become a very popular addition with homeowners, and that’s why this is on our list. Insulation is an added layer added to the center of the door. This provides homeowners with a more temperature-wise comfortable garage space. Another benefit includes lowering the overall utilities of the home as less energy is being lost. If you wish to add this to your home, you may seek the services of a garage door repair Fresno company to gather information on your options.

Balance Cable

Often times you’re going to see a long cable running through the middle of the garage door. This is often not there to serve as cable spring but rather to provide additional balance to the door as it rolls up and down the tracking system.