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Issues That Go Together for Garage Door Repair in Fresno

Garage doors are a great way to add curb appeal to your home for little cost. However, over time, you will find that your beautiful garage door is starting to have issues. Sometimes, it is one issue. Many times, however, you will find that the issue is just one of many issues that a technician who performs garage door repair in Fresno can address.

Broken Springs, Broken Cables, and Stuck Rollers in Need of Garage Door Repair in Fresno


After a certain number of times of the springs opening and closing your garage door, they break. If you are at home when that happens, you will hear a loud noise coming from your garage similar to a firework.

After this happens, you want to avoid opening or closing the garage door because it can be dangerous. If there is still tension in the spring, the door can be knocked off its tracks by the spring, and you can get seriously injured.

Rather than deal with the issue yourself, the best thing to do is to call the garage door repair services. It is also important that you avoid going into your garage until the spring has been replaced.


Cables can also break from normal use. Another reason why they break is because of the added stress from a broken spring. If you notice that one side of your garage door is sagging, it could be a sign that a cable is broken. You will also find that the side of the door that is heavier is the one with the broken cable.

The side with the broken cable could also be lower when the garage door is opening. If you notice that as you are opening the garage door it won’t stay in place, it is a sign that the cables are all broken. It is more likely that as soon as you open the garage door, the door will fall down which is a safety risk.


The rollers that lie on the sides of your garage door are supposed to turn and spin. If you notice that they are stuck and sliding, this should be a concern because it means the door can come off the tracks. Rollers that are stuck also cause the door to be noisy when opening and closing it.

If the door is off its tracks, leave it alone. Don’t attempt to open if it is closed. You also don’t want to try to close it if it is open. If you attempt to do either, you could break the cables and springs.

A noisy garage door could be a sign that you may need to clean the tracks and buy new rollers. Stuck rollers could be a sign of not enough lubrication as well as too much humidity.

Garage Door Opener and Door Sensor Issues That May Require Garage Door Repair in Fresno

Door Sensors

If you notice that the garage door closes and opens again, your garage door opener may need some adjusting. You can set limits for the garage door opening and closing. From time to time, you will have to make adjustments for door limit settings.

The settings dictate how far the door can go to be considered fully closed or open. If these settings are not calibrated properly, the sensors on the opener will read the garage door touching the ground as hitting an option. This can cause the door to reopen.

Around four or six inches from the bottom of the garage door on each side of it are sensors. The sensors can also be on the garage’s interior wall. If these sensors read that something is in front of them or in the way, they will cause the door to open again.

If you find that the garage door opens but doesn’t close, it could be that the lenses on your sensors are dirty. If you clean them and find nothing obstructing the sensors, you may have to call in a technician to rectify the problem.

Door Opener

If you are using the opener and the garage door isn’t moving, try to open or close the door manually. If you are able to do so, you want to reconnect the garage door to the lift arm of the automatic opener. Another reason your door may not be moving is your garage door is locked. Check to see that it is not.

If you find that the door is sticking or stopping, it could be due to a change in humidity levels. It could also be that there isn’t enough lubrication. The door may also need realignment due to it not being level anymore.

If the remote for the garage door isn’t working, try to open the door with the switch located in the garage. If it works with the switch, replace the batteries in the remote. If the remote is still not working, you either have to resync it with the garage door opener or replace it.

Another thing you can do is to check to see if the breaker is functioning and the opener is plugged in. If you have checked all these things and the door still won’t open, you may have to replace the opener. You may also have an electrical problem on your hands.

The Wrap Up for Garage Door Repair in Fresno

As you investigate the issues with your garage door, you will find that a lot of the time there is more than one problem that needs to be addressed. Seeking out services for garage door repair is the best way to deal with these issues due to the safety concerns that arise with a garage door.

There are a lot of Fresno garages and garage doors that have warranties attached to them. When you purchased your Fresno garage door, your garage door may have come with a warranty. If that is not the case, you can contact a technician for garage door repair in Fresno.