Fresno Garage Door Service:

Consider These Retrofits When Repairing Your Old Garage Door

One of the most common misconceptions regarding the garage door is that there is simply nothing else you can do to it. It opens and closes, and thus it does its job. Although this may be true, there are many other areas of the garage door that can improve not just the garage space but the rest of your home as well. The following includes a few retrofits to consider when repairing your old garage door.

Retrofits for Your Garage: Wind-Rated Doors

If you need to replace certain parts of your garage door, then it may be the perfect time to retrofit it with wind-rated garage doors. During hurricanes and even strong thunderstorms, your garage door is the first line of defense against destructive winds and waters. If by any chance, your door isn’t strong enough to withstand such punishment, you may be seeing serious damage done to your vehicle and any other belongings within your garage. Wind-rated doors are a great addition as they reinforce your doors, thus adding that extra layer of protection.

More Horsepower

When people think about horsepower, they’re usually not thinking about their garage door opener. However, that’s exactly what they use. Garage door openers have a certain amount of horsepower within them that is then used to help open your garage door. If you’re looking to improve on your door or purchase a heavier (wooden material) door, then you’re definitely going to need more horsepower.


If you’re about to repair your garage door, then it may be an excellent time to install additional or new insulation. Insulation helps you keep your energy within your home and keep the elements outside. If you’re unsure how to install insulation, then it is highly recommended to seek the services of a garage door repair Fresno company to ensure a proper installation is done.


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