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Garage Door Repairs & Services in Fresno

Serving Residents in Fresno County

Precision Door Service, a locally owned and operated company, is highly experienced in garage door repair, installation, and replacement. All our technicians are trained at one of two state-of-the-art training facilities, so they’re familiar with all industry standards, tools, methods, and garage door brands, types, and materials. Each technician is field-tested before they are allowed to serve customers. With offices located in Fresno, we are able to offer residents with fast, same-day garage door repair services. 

There are several reasons why our customers depend on us for garage door services. Same-day service is one—there’s no worry about waiting to get your garage door fixed. Emergency service is available 24/7. We also carry a large selection of hardware, remote controls, and garage door openers, so you have all the parts you need.

Our garage door repair process is simple. When garage doors need to be fixed, we approach every project with the following:

  1. Estimate: A written estimate is drawn up and signed. It outlines everything needed to complete the project.
  2. Completion: The customer’s confidence is important. We walk you through to show you how the door was fixed.
  3. Warranty: With our garage door repair, you get the best warranty in the industry; you can always reach us, thanks to our 24-hour callback policy.

Garage Door Installation Services

Whether you want an update or your old door is worn out or damaged beyond repair, we’ll be there to complete the entire garage door installation process. We know how frustrating it is when your garage door stops working. That’s why we offer affordable same-day service to diagnose any issue and complete any repair quickly.

Every new installation comes with a completely assembled door, plus all the components for the system including tracks, springs, cables, hinges, locks, and rollers. We stock steel garage doors with standard or recessed panels, carriage style doors, and a variety of wood doors.

Emergency Repair & Replacement

Trying to fix a garage door yourself is too risky. Don’t risk further damage, injury, or expenses by going the DIY route. Instead, call Precision Door Service to professionally repair:

Broken Springs: Heavy-duty springs are found on every garage door. Torsion springs eventually wear out. Our technicians are trained to recognize the type of door you have and the correct springs to install; they even perform a balance test afterward to verify the correct ones are used.

Garage Door Opener: The opener system is likely to wear out after 15 or more years of use. Modern systems have photoelectric safety sensors, which improve safety and are required by law. Our technicians are trained to repair and install belt drive, screw drive, and jackshaft openers.

Garage Door Cable: Cables add safety and help a garage door operate smoothly. They are necessary to control the door’s tension and motion. Our cables consist of multiple strands, so they resist fraying in all weather conditions and your garage door is always reliable.

Garage Door Track: If your garage door runs off the track, our same-day garage door repair services is the ultimate solution. First, our qualified technicians check for damage and then adjust track alignment if possible. Tracks are then cleaned and lubricated before we check for any other loose or missing parts.

Noisy Garage Doors: Unusual noise can indicate a track problem or that a spring is about to break. Faulty hinges, rollers, and imbalanced doors can also make noise. Call us and our technicians will inspect the entire system to determine the source and fix any problems.

Garage Door Parts & Accessories

We stock all the parts you can possibly need, including aluminum drums, end bearing plates, center bearing brackets, and locks and handles. If you’re looking for alternative locks/handles to complement a certain style, we can help. Lubricants, sealants, keypads, and remote controls are also available.

Garage Door Maintenance

Routine maintenance can avoid high garage door repair costs later. Precision Door Service can send certified technicians to perform a 25-point inspection, including checking door springs, rollers, pulleys, and other parts. They also lubricate moving parts and test door balance. Aside from finding damaged parts before they break, an inspection can ensure your door is working efficiently and safely.

Precision Door Service

We provide comprehensive garage door repair, installation, and inspection services. Various specials are offered for savings on our already affordable services. Feel free to contact us online or by phone with any questions, comments, or to book service.

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