A garage door has a major impact on your home’s value and curb appeal. Choosing garage door colors is one of the most important steps of installing or updating your garage door. Some of the most popular standard garage door colors include:


  • White: Compliments and balances out most other exterior façade colors and designs.
  • Soft gray: About as bright as white but is both trendy and neutral.
  • Dark gray: A darker color scheme, or even black door, works for many homes.
  • Beige/taupe: Provide a better blend for brick and stone facades.
  • Walnut brown: Neutral yet warm, it provides a polished feel and looks like wood.
  • Wood-grain finishes/anodized aluminum: Are still popular choices among homeowners.

Choosing Garage Door Paint Colors

Some of the factors you want to consider when choosing a paint color include:

  • Coordinating colors: Coordinate your garage door color with the color scheme of your home, without making it the same color. For example, a black door may conflict with a cream or sand façade, while a beige door works aesthetically with brick walls. An exact match isn’t necessary. However, keep garage door paint in the same color family.
  • Contrasting colors: In picking a contrasting color, you can go with a starkly different shade. Dark brown garage doors go well with beige walls. If your garage is shaded most of the time, try a lighter color. Go by your preferences and the unique color scheme of your home; or blend in with the neighborhood or make your house stand out.

The color of your house doesn’t limit you to just one or two garage door color choices. If your house is primarily white, a black, white, neutral gray or brown, wood stain, or darker red, blue, or yellow might work.

For brick homes, the color of the brick should be the focus. This is one instance when monochromatic colors can be suitable. Or try deep neutrals such as bronze or chocolate brown, while high contrasts based on the color wheel can mix yellow with lavender-grey, red with mint green, or other eye-catching combinations.

The same goes with gray walls. Don’t paint your garage door a heavily contrasting shade of gray. Try painting the door black as a high contrast, a deep color such as burgundy or navy blue, or a monochrome color scheme with the door just a shade or two lighter or darker.

More Garage Door Painting Tips

When you’re wondering how to change the color of your garage door, being trendy can boost curb appeal. Be unique if expressing your own style is most important. If your front door is a bold color, don’t choose a matching paint, as you want it to continue to be the focal point. Also, feel free to choose more than one accent color for your garage door.

For natural wood garage doors, go with factory-finished stains and paints. Fir, redwood, cedar, mahogany, and oak are just a few examples. However, many wood doors must be repainted every year or two, depending on the climate and level of exposure. The color choices vary even more for steel doors, while natural grain patterns and textures can be added to replicate wood designs.

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