energy rebate

energy rebate

Can an Insulated Garage Earn You an Energy Rebate?

If you’re noticing that you’re losing a lot of energy, then your garage door may be the culprit. Due to its large size, the garage door is often the reason why a home loses so much of its energy. This can lead to an uncomfortable home and high utilities. Therefore, it’s no surprise why so many choose to insulate it. However, the installation cost can be a little expensive, and thus, many choose to take advantage of the government’s energy rebate. But do you qualify?

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 09 and the Energy Rebate

In 2009, Congress was able to pass an Act that incentivizes people to install more energy-efficient parts to their homes. This includes things such as smart devices; green A/C units; and yes, garage door insulation. People could receive an energy discount if their door met the criteria set forth by Congress. Some of these included having the correct U-factor, which takes into account the heat flow transmittance. Homeowners who receive as much as 30% of the total cost. Unfortunately, the act expired already, and thus people cannot receive this tax break anymore.

Is Insulation Still Worth It?

The answer to this is yes, insulation is still very much worth it. Even if you’re not going to receive an energy discount, you are still likely to get back your money in monthly utility savings. In fact, many studies on insulation have concluded that homeowners can prevent over 70% of the energy from being lost through the garage door. If you want a proper installation done, you may seek the services of a Fresno garage door repair company.