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Security Features for Your Garage Door

When it comes to break-ins, the garage door is often the easiest for would-be thieves. This is because it is often unprotected, can be easily unlocked, and for many, it seems like someone is just working on a hobby. So, what can you add to your garage door to make that much safer for your valuables and family? Here are some of the best security features to install onto your home garage door.

Tech Security Features

Innovations in technology have allowed homeowners to leave their homes without needing to worry who exactly is outside their garage door. These tech-based products usually utilize a mobile app to allow homeowners to see via live video if anyone is lurking around their garage door, be it thieves or the next-door neighbor’s kids. In many cases, these apps can even allow you to record and contact local police without alerting the thief.

Simple Illumination

Often times, the simple addition of lighting fixtures can detour thieves from even attempting to look into or mess around your garage door. Fortunately, there are more than enough options, including motion sensor lights as well as solar-powered lighting fixtures. These are a great addition, so you may want to seek the services of a garage door repair Fresno to learn about installation costs.

Go Dark

One of the ways thieves enter a garage that is locked is by sliding in a hanger wire and pressing the manual lever. Although they can still attempt this, you should not make it easy for them. If you have windows, make sure they are covered during the night time or when you are out of town. Those without windows should also take some precautions. You may add small cardboard or wooden panel to cut the entryway between the manual lever and garage door.