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Partial Garage Door Replacements

If you’ve begun to notice that your garage door is looking more like a shed, then you may need to partially change it. Some of the issues that can cause damage to your garage door are normal wear and tear as well as dings from your car or other objects. Now, how can you go about planning your door replacement? The following list includes a few tips on partially changing your garage door and how to go about doing it.

Door Replacement and Panels

Perhaps the most common thing you’re going have to change to your garage door are the panels. These panels are installed to provide you with not only added protection but to improve your overall curb appeal. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having these replaced.

One or All?

The very first obstacle you’re going to face when replacing your door panels is the question, should I replace only the panels that are damaged or all of them? The best approach to this challenge is to replace all the panels. Why all of them? The fact is that your panels are specifically designed and measured for your particular door. If you have a question regarding the measurements, it is always recommended to seek the services and advice of a Fresno garage door installation company.

Other Components

If your garage door was damaged during a windstorm or car crash, it might have affected the door’s other components. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always conduct a visual inspection of these areas. Tracking systems, extension springs and torsion springs are some of the components that may have to be changed right along with your door panels.