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Ways to Make Your Garage Door More Energy-Efficient

Garage doors are installed on one of the largest openings on houses and cover a large gap where air can enter or escape each day. Unfortunately, this can increase the energy usage on the property and affect the climate inside of the building as the temperatures fluctuate. If you want to make your garage door green and eco-friendlier, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

Consider the Air Quality

The quality of air in the garage determines how green the setting is, which makes it necessary to purchase eco-friendly paint that doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) if you plan to repaint your garage door in the future. It’s also important to avoid using hazardous cleaning products or harsh chemicals when wiping down the door to remove dirt or grime that has settled onto the surface.

Install Insulation

The insulation that is provided on your garage door will significantly influence your energy usage in the building. If you’re due for a garage door installation in Fresno, opt for an insulated garage door to boost the energy-efficiency in the garage and the rest of the home. You can also add insulation to an existing garage door that is already installed. Caulking any windows, doors and the walls in the space will also keep the air contained and can prevent heat or cold air from transferring into the building throughout the year.

Add Window Tint

Many garage doors include windows, which work as a decorative accent and can allow natural light into the building. During the warmer months of the year, the windows can heat the internal setting of the garage and increase your energy usage as heat transfers to the rest of the building. Consider adding a reflective or tinted film on the glass, which will block the UV rays and boosts the energy-efficiency on the property to protect the internal setting from increasing in temperature.