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Disability-Friendly Garage Door Features

Homeowners who have installed a garage door opener to their home can attest to its incredible convenience. Not having to pull down heavy doors or get out to open it when the weather is bad is truly a great thing. However, while these conveniences are great for the majority of us, unfortunately, they can quickly turn into an inconvenience for people with disabilities. Here are a few ways to make your garage door that much more disability-friendly.


Although people with disabilities benefit from having an automatic door, the fact is that once that door closes, they are left in pitch black. Therefore, one of the best things to add to your garage are windows. There are plenty of options on the market for companies that offer garage door repairs in Fresno and can add this feature to your garage. Having windows not only allows people with disabilities to close their garage door for added safety but provides them with light to maneuver once inside.

Insulation for a Disability-Friendly Garage

When one thinks of a garage door, you might not think insulation, after all, doesn’t this only apply to walls? Although garage doors seem like a simple metal piece bolted to your garage, it is actually much more complicated than that. Some might opt-in for a lightweight metal or fiberglass version. However, if you have to take time during each trip to load or unload a person with disabilities, you know how hot and cold a garage space truly gets. Homeowners can add an inner layer made out of either steel, wood, or fiberglass to their garage door, thus adding insulation to keep out the elements.

Emergency Release Pull Cord

We can’t always be there during an emergency. Sometimes errands or other obligations get in the way. However, you still want to have peace of mind that your family members with disabilities will be able to escape if needed. One of the most overlooked areas of a garage door is its emergency release pull cord. This cord acts as a plan B emergency exit if your automatic door device stops working. However, many of them are placed up high at standing level. Thus, it is highly recommended to lengthen the rope down to ground level, where someone with disabilities could easily pull it if needed.