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The Right Garage Door Can Increase a Home’s Resale Value

The garage door is one of the most noticeable features of any given home. Because of this, it is very important to choose the right color and design to make sure you maximize the resale value of your home. No one knows the real estate market better than realtors, and so here are some of the most valuable tips from experienced realtors when it comes to choosing the right garage door.

Choose a Door With Numerous Windows

Choosing a garage door with a lot of windows can go a long way towards improving the value of your home. First, it provides visual interest to the front of the home, creating an increased perception of value. Further, the additional light makes the garage itself look more inviting at large. Thus, choosing a garage door with windows not only improves the appearance of the outside of your house, but it also improves the inside too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pick a Bold Color

When selecting a garage door, people are often afraid to select a bold color. However, the top real estate agents suggest that this is a mistake. Picking a bold color for a garage door improves the curb appeal of a home, and thus increases the value. Further, it makes the home more memorable, which tends to lead to a quicker sale.

Consider Hardware Dress Up Packages When Choosing the Right Garage Door

Many garage doors offer “dress up” hardware kits. These commonly include decorative hinges, premium trim, and higher quality handles. Many realtor tips suggest these are a must-have. While these may add a few dollars to the cost of the door, these upgrades will provide a fantastic return on investment. No matter what you choose, there are many great companies that provide a garage door installation in Fresno.