garage door repair fresno

garage door repair fresno


Although the garage door may be easy to operate, it can still be dangerous to use for kids who aren’t careful or cautious. It’s essential to keep them informed and help them to understand how the feature works to reduce the risk of injuries. Here are a few important ways to teach kids to use a garage door safely.



Address the Most Dangerous Parts

There are many components of a garage door that kids need to steer clear of to avoid accidents. Point out the spring system, which includes the coiled springs and the extension, which should never be touched. You’ll also need to show them where the lifting cables are on each side of the door, which can snap off if they’re touched. Children also need to avoid getting near the photo‑eye reversal system, which is responsible for reversing the garage door if there’s an object in its path and can malfunction if they’re moved.

If your children spot any parts that become damaged or snap off, instruct them to tell you immediately to ensure you can schedule Fresno garage door repair.



Establish Strict Rules

Make it a point to review the rules of operating the door to ensure your kids understand what is expected of them in advance. The garage door is never a toy when it’s moving, and kids should not be allowed to play with the remote controls or control panel. Instruct your children to never climb on the garage door or run near it as it opens and closes. Older children in the family should always be on the watch with smaller kids on the property.



Protect the Access Code

If your kids are planning on using the keypad on the outside of the garage when they get home from school each day, they should never give the code out to friends or strangers. Discuss the importance of keeping the code a secret and hiding the code with their hand when they open the garage door each day.