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How to Choose a New Garage Door in Fresno

When getting a new garage door, whether it is for a new house or to replace an old one, the installation needs to be precise. It’s worth finding the best garage door installation Fresno has to offer so that it will be done right the first time.

Different Types of Garage Doors

For many houses, the garage door takes up a large part of the front of the house. It can be an artistic addition to an older home or blend perfectly with the architecture of a new home. The most common types of garage doors are:

Aluminum – resists rust and good for humid climates

Steel – the largest selection of color, insulation and price

Wood – considered the most beautiful option

Composite wood – looks like real wood but won’t rot, crack or split

Things to Consider

Some things you may want to consider before selecting a new garage door in Fresno are insulation and safety. Many garages are not heated or cooled, so insulation is not a factor, but if your garage is heated or cooled, you should make sure your new door is insulated and has weather stripping.

There are several safety measures you can take such as an automatic sensor so the door will not close on a pet or child. If you have translucent glass panels, you may want to use reinforced glass so it cannot be broken by a thief to gain entry.

Automatic Doors Are a Necessity

If you choose a heavy door such as wood or steel, you need an automatic opener because it is too heavy to open manually. However, on the days there is no power, it will become a manual garage door.

With the cables, springs, tracks and rollers as well as the motors, automatic garage doors are difficult to install correctly. That is why it’s always recommended having it installed by a professional in Fresno, to make sure all the parts work smoothly together for the life of the door.