international garage styles

international garage styles

Three International Garage Styles to Consider

A garage isn’t just a place where you store your car. It’s also a way to decorate your home. While many people pick one of the standard styles, there are some international garage styles that you might be interested in. These often use different design philosophies to create garages that you may have never thought of. Here are three different styles that might interest you.

Asian International Garage Styles

Asian garage styles tend to be more minimalist in general. They tend to incorporate natural colors, such as various shades of brown, with lighter or neutral colors between the frame. Many of these garages are made from wood or bamboo, but sometimes metal is used as well. While they are more minimalist in nature, they are still quite durable and should last for many years without incident. Be sure to inquire about durability when getting garage door installation in Fresno.

European Styles

European garage styles can differ wildly depending on your interpretation and what you’re looking for. Some people consider European styles to be quaint while others see them as sophisticated, and you can find examples of both. In either case, these designs are rarely flat. They tend to have elements that give the garage texture and make it stand out. You will find an equal balance of wood and balance European garages. These international garage styles are quite robust and should last a long time.

African Styles

African garage styles often use a combination of material and lighting to create unique effects. You’ll mostly commonly find wood used here, and the wood colors are chosen specifically to create a geometric pattern that is both minimalist and stunning. Seasonal lighting is often placed outside the garage to give the door a different color at night, which is quite an interesting effect.