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If you’re contemplating installing a garage door, you may be tempted to the commercial garage door route. After all, they must be better built, right? Well, yes and no. This is why it is so important to understand the differences between these two.

Commercial vs. Residential Garage Doors

When it comes to installing a garage door, both business owners and homeowners want the absolute best for their money. Although the goal is to have a functioning garage door, the goal is often not the same between these two parties. Therefore, it is imperative to understand some key information regarding both commercial and residential garage doors.

Commercial and Residential Garage Doors Durability

Perhaps the most common misconception that homeowners have is that a commercial garage door must be built tougher. The reality is that it’s actually as strong as the residential version. The only difference here is that a commercial door will be built with wider and taller dimensions than that of its residential counterpart. If you need to acquire the services of a garage door repair Fresno company, they are more likely equipped enough to handle both types of doors.

Function vs. Design

If you’re a homeowner thinking of purchasing a commercial garage door, then you may need to stop and think about its design first. Most commercial garage doors are not built with beauty in mind; they are created to provide convenience to the person. Therefore, it is imperative that you also keep your curb appeal in mind. Unless you have a large garage behind your home, a residential garage door will not only provide you with the same functionality but also better design.

Laws and Policies to Consider

One of the biggest reasons why you don’t see commercial garage doors within your neighborhood is because of the laws enacted from having certain types of commercial doors on residential streets. A good example is the commercial electric operator system. Another reason is due to HOA or homeowners association policies. These are policies put in place to protect the value of other people’s homes by preventing individuals from installing loud and visually unpleasant garage doors.