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Is a Sliding Garage Door Right for You?

A sliding garage door might not be the most affordable option out there, but it is certainly one of the most reliable. Because of this, many homeowners accept the increased cost in order to have that long-term quality as well as security. If you’re not sold entirely on a sliding garage door just yet, the following includes a few of the benefits of installing this non-traditional type of door.

Security of a Sliding Door

Traditional garage doors, although made from durable materials, may not provide you with the most security. On the other hand, because of sliding garage doors, horizontal sliding and additional tracks & runners make it extremely difficult for would-be thieves to break into your garage. These types of doors can be locked in various places to also protect from strong winds and attempted robbery.


One of the most common reasons people love these types of doors is because they can be easily customized to your needs. Because they are often made out of sectional panels, sliding garage doors can easily be made larger or smaller in size, depending on your current needs. By calling a Fresno garage door repair company, you can quickly begin making the appropriate changes whenever you want.

Track Direction

Just because your home is located to the left or right of your garage does not mean you can’t have a sliding garage door. This is because the tracks used to move the door can be installed on the left or right of your home in order to provide you with the most efficient entry possible.

Sliding Garage Door Add Plenty of Room

Sliding garage doors are a blessing for those who have unusually large or wide cars. Often times a traditional garage door leave enough room for homeowners to park all their cars within their garage. This, of course, may be very frustrating. Because sliding garage doors slide to the left and right and not upwards, they provide homeowners plenty of room to add on larger vehicles.