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How to Make Your Garage Door Remote Hack-Proof

You have many options at your disposal when it comes to garage door repair in Fresno. However, you can use these tips to prevent intruders from hacking your garage door remote.

Get a Special Garage Door Remote

You need a special garage door opener remote that will scramble its code constantly. You can buy a unique remote that will work with your opener, and it is impossible to hack because the code never stops changing.

Use Home Automation

You might use a home automation system to open and close your garage doors. Home automation systems are managed using your internal Wi-Fi network. However, these systems encrypt their transmissions. A hacker does not have time to hack into your Wi-Fi network, hack your home automation system, and hack your garage door. Plus, home automation systems are monitored by professional security companies that lockout hackers.

Take the Remote Out of Your Car

You should take the remote out of your car when you get home. Intruders do not need a garage door hack if they can break into your car, open the door, and get in.

Add Deadbolts to the Garage Doors

You can order a special garage door deadbolt that you close when leaving town. These deadbolts prevent sophisticated hackers from opening the doors. Someone who has hacked your opener code cannot lift a deadbolted door.

Invest in a Heavy Inner Garage Entry Door

You can secure the garage door remote and opener using the tips above, but your garage likely connects to your home. If someone accesses your garage, you need a heavy inner door that prevents the intruder from entering the house. Burglars will move on when they cannot knock down a big door. Add a deadbolt, pick-proof lock, and use large screws to set the deadbolt.